An etheric poetic golden waterfall

Resonates my souls empty hall

Overcoming any truculent wall

And frees my spirit from a stall

It makes me rise and stand up tall

To heed an ambiance cosmic call

As if the world is my crystal ball

With waters so pure they enthrall


Fears no longer an impeding troll

It entices my imagination to enroll

Words of wisdom like an ancient scroll

And charms my heart to rock and roll

It sanctifies the grounds that I stroll

An emotional bliss begins to unroll

A joy that beckons my pen to inscroll

With divine clarity my brain reenroll




  1. Dear Bernard Owor Sir, your lines bubblingly murmur that, once inspired, like the flowing waters of a gushing inspiring waterfall, a beautiful sight and a phenomenon that transcends all barriers, the ink form the pen of a poet can flow in the same manner, promising a turbulent unstoppable rush of words of wisdom with divine crystal clarity, to light up the water of life.

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