Food for thought, to break your trance

Life’s too short; it can be lost in a glance

So indeed we ought, not waste this chance

For life does not, save us the last dance

Live your life!

When death appears, no one gets alerted

We all have fears, of what can’t be averted

We’ve all shed tears, for a dearly departed

None sees or hears, when the grim gets started

Live your life!

So now is truly the time, what you have must suffice

The present is golden and prime; no one gets to live twice

Don’t indulge in crime, or in deeds of evil and vice

For when your end bells chime, you will pay the price

Life your life!

Do not swim in despair when the road gets rough

They say the world’s unfair, so you must be tough

You do not need grey hair, wisdom is always enough

To clear the woeful air, and bestow a hearty laugh

Live your life!

You must rise and shine, like the morning sun

Be glad to be alive and fine, enjoy and have fun

If you can wine and dine, don’t let problems shun

For at the end of life’s line you’ll never get a rerun

Live your life!

So rejoice and sing, and have it your way

Let the joys of spring, grace you everyday

Like a bird take wing, and live for today

Servant or king, all life gets taken away

Live your life!



2 thoughts on “LIVE YOUR LIFE!

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  2. Maybe it is so, that you only live twice, once in your life and once in your dreams; yet to make our dreams of happiness and joy come true in this journey of life, you are right dear friend Bernard Owor Sir, when you say that we need to live life to the fullest, not by snatching from others or treading on their toes, but rather with love and care for others to make life meaningful and joyful, for the in this “media player” of life there is no rerun or replay button; prince or pauper, the same fate awaits all.

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