Driven by the need to get retribution
Gunning towards imminent destruction
Running on rails that lead to desolation
Deceiving man that it brings consolation

This is a train that only stops at one station
A station with a name it’s called devastation
Hate and revenge is what gets it in motion
For in its wake springs the vilest of emotion

Upon its windows you will see a reflection
That is devoid of light a grave projection
Upon its carriages there is a lack of affection
The spirit of love offed with a deflection

Notions of malevolence its fuel injection
Actions of spite will meet no objection
Some ride this train without their intention
For pain can induce a hypnotic suspension

When this train gears into acceleration
Man’s dark side escapes incarceration
Thus his acts begets deadly confrontation
If he gives vengeance a rooted foundation


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